Business Games? Yes, it is. Literally!

Yes, you read it right. Today, I will share with you my recent discovery about “business games” that you can easily find online. Well, these are simulation games you can play on the internet and enjoy while learning some basic details about a business you want to venture into.

Recently, cafes or coffee shops are one of the fastest-growing businesses in the Philippines. I have reviewed a lot of it and to be honest, I already thought of owning one someday. But considering my current situation, having one is still far from reality. Of course, building a business requires a lot of research and study beforehand. You must also have money to spend for the purchase or lease of a lot for your cafe location and the construction of the cafe itself. Not to mention the machines, equipment, and supplies that you need to acquire in order to run the cafe.

While all of these are yet a dream to come true, why not try to run the same business virtually. In one way or another, you will surely learn something from it. So here’s the online game I am talking about. My current interest is about cafes so I tried this coffee shop game from

Café Calypso (play it here:

This is a one-month simulation game where the players’ goal is to earn as much as they can from running a coffee shop. Through this game, players could learn how to manage their café inventory, budget their business cashflow, set product pricing and adjust the coffee formula. This game teaches the players many important aspects of running a business like inventory, strategy, pricing, law of supply and demands and customer feedback.

It is really a fun and informative game which both kids and adults will surely appreciate.

Try it yourself and let me know how you find it.

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