Historical Walk at Baliuag, Bulacan

Baliwag Church

Our recent visit to Baliuag, Bulacan started with a heritage tour of the famous Baliwag Church and the Old Municipal Building. The Saint Augustine Parish Church of Baliwag, commonly known as Baliwag Church, is a Roman Catholic church located in Plaza Naning at the poblacion (town center) of Baliwag, in Bulacan province, Philippines.

Silid-Aklatang Francisco Guerrero

Just a few meters away from Baliwag Church is Silid-Aklatang Francisco Guerrero, the city’s museum and library. It is an ancestral house of the María Amparo “Mariquita” Gonzalez y de los Angeles, mother of Joaquin Gonzalez who was a politician and a member of the Malolos Congress that wrote the Malolos Constitution. It was converted to a museum and library in 1971 when former Mayor Florentino Vergel de Dios constructed a new municipal building. Currently, the ground floor serves as the Baliwag community affairs and tourism office while the 2nd level houses the Silid-Aklatang Francisco Guerrero Library-Museum.

Source: Baliuag Tourism

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