Being a child of the 90s, I had a lot of memories of playing different games. Be it an outdoor or an indoor have, I had the fondest recollections of it.

Spending my younger years in the province, my playmates and I would usually play outside. We climb trees and run on my grandparents’ farm. I remember, there was a petite mango tree across from our home. And that tree served as our hang-out place. We pretend that it is our mansion with each branch serving as a room for each of us. We would have our picnic there or we would pick its fruits during its season and eat the sweetest mango under it. Some days, we would go fishing and catch milk fishes in my Lolo’s fishpond. Oh, how I miss those days!

Years went by, and I went to school and met new people. The school ground became our playground then. There I learned new games like Patintero, Touch the Color, Touch Ball, Pick It Down, and a lot more tug-o-war-like games. Eventually, I was also introduced to several interesting indoor games which mostly were board games.

The first board game that I learned is the most classic Snake and Ladders. I think everyone knows this game by heart but just to refresh you, we need a die to play this one. And basically, the goal of this game is to avoid the snakes and take shortcuts by going up the ladders to reach the Finish line. It was really a fun game for a growing kid like me during that time. Next is the Chinese Checkers. I really like this game as I always win playing this one. Here, a player chooses a color, and the ten pegs of that color are placed in a triangle of your chosen color. The goal of the game is to be the first player to move all ten pegs across the opposite triangle.

I really got hooked on playing board games because it exercises my mind. I also played Chess, Games of the Generals, Master Mind, and Macros.

During that time, you need the physical board and pegs to be able to play. But fast forward to today, you can play these games online. What a convenience it gives, right? From time to time, I still play these games on the internet to relieve stress and gain focus. I just visit Calculators. Org and choose the game that I like.

Being able to play my favorite board games online takes me back to my childhood and it really refreshes my mind.

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