Online games are so in. Role-playing games (RPG) and first-person shooting (FPS) games are most common nowadays. And my daughter likes these kinds of games! I guess it’s because of her generation. But as for me, being exposed to classic online games, my inclination still goes with Solitaire. I do not download an app for the game because I am saving some bytes for my files and photos, so I just play whenever I want to online. But playing online games can be annoying when there are ads popping here and there, right?  So let me share with you my go-to site when I play Solitaire. It’s I love this site because I get to play other classic games here like Freecell.

For me playing these classic games is like reliving my teenage years when I think only about myself and adulting is not necessary yet.

Wait, why did I say Solitaire with a twist? Because offers not just a handful of solitaire games. It also has word games, puzzle games, and find the object games to name a few. When I get bored with classic solitaire and Freecell, I go to to test my vocabulary. I like challenging myself through games like this. It also exercises my eye and brain together. It also improves my patience and focus.

Another game there that I love is finding hidden objects. ironically, playing it relaxes my mind. It promotes also concentration and it keeps my brain active. I play hidden objects here:

I also noticed that there are mahjong games on the site but I do not know how to play it. I might as well try and learn it when I get to have some spare time.

Spending time in front of the computer or your gadgets can also be beneficial. These games that I mentioned are some tools that anyone can enjoy to exercise their mind. For adults, it can improve their memory and problem-solving abilities. For kids, it helps develop their hand-eye coordination. It improves focus and creativity.

We may have different reasons for opting to play online games but one thing is for sure, we do it to relax, to take a time out, and breathe. We do it to have fun and enjoy the moment. Just do it in moderation because anything excessive, like spending too much time playing, is not beneficial and destructive.

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