Building a House During the Pandemic

The pandemic started in the early months of 2020. Though it may not be over yet, there has been a significant difference from the time it started up to our time today.

Going back, the pandemic brought so much scare and fright to everyone. Most people stayed inside their homes and had limited affairs outside. Many plans were also halted – some were canceled, others were postponed, but there were some that still pushed through.

But what if one of those plans you were dying to do is building a house? Will you cancel? Postpone maybe? Or give it a go?

As for us, we did push through with our plan to renovate our folks’ house. It was not an easy decision but in the end, we were all thankful and happy that we did.

The Plan

To renovate our parents’ house because weather changes caused a lot of floodings in their area. Though their house is still in incredibly good condition, we wanted to be sure that environmental changes will not be a threat to the safety of our senior folks. So, rebuilding their house with a higher ground and a stronger foundation will make us all at peace.

The Challenges


  • Of course, building a house is not just like making a sandcastle which only requires sand, water, and molds to create a structure. Building a house needs a lot of materials and enough finances to make it a reality. Especially when you need to buy a parcel of a lot for your dream house, a much bigger budget must be considered. For this, you may already need to consult some experts, but you can also have an idea of the whole picture by using a mortgage calculator. I stumbled upon this online calculator and it has been a great help to us. The calculator can give you an estimate of your amortization which you can also print for your ready guide. We just input some details and it will automatically compute. No sweat!


Limited activities and strict health protocols during the pandemic caused so many delays in the construction of the house. Here are some of the problems we encountered:

  • Higher cost of materials
  • Limited workforce
  • Health security
  • Higher pay for labor
  • Limited suppliers


The house was designed by our uncle architect so the structure of the house itself was good. But we did not hire a professional for the interiors so it was a real challenge for all of us on how we will put together all the bits and pieces inside the house to create a theme. It was a real effort to choose the tiles for the kitchen and the floors, to pick the color of the paint for the walls of each room even for the lights that will be installed in every corner of the house.

There was a Facebook group that really helped us create the vibe and look that we want for our folks’ house. It is called Home Buddies. We got a lot of ideas and inspiration from the pictures and experiences that members shared in the group.

Our family’s first Christmas in the new house.

Overall, the entire process was not easy, but we were happy that everything went well throughout the journey. Acquiring or purchasing real estate during the pandemic was a challenge but it is doable. You may personally consult experts but there are so many resources online to educate you before you get started.

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