Pandemic Culinary At Home

When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, many countries had put their places under lockdown. People’s movements were limited because not everyone is allowed to go out. Schools were closed and classes were done online. Offices opted to have a work-from-home set-up and dining places like fast food, cafes, and restaurants were closed. Basically, almost everyone just stayed home.

In my opinion, if there will be something good that happened during this pandemic, it would be bringing family relationships closer and more caring. Parents had more bonding time with their kids. Although activities at home were limited, simple activities like watching movies online or playing games online had become more enjoyable and more meaningful. As we explore the internet for new games to try on, we actually discovered The website offers a lot of interesting games that are really kid-friendly. One of our favorites is the Candy Fiesta. The goal of the game is to match at least three similar candy blocks to gain the highest score within a given number of moves.

Candy Fiesta

Another personal favorite is the Fruit Adventure. This game really reminds me of Nintendo’s Super Mario game. I and the kids love this game! See, the games on this site are not just for kids but for the kids-at-heat as well.

Fruit Adventure

And speaking of the kids-at-heart, I mean the adults, most of them developed or should I say discovered household-related skills and talents. I myself was one of those. Because of the luxury of time, I was able to be friends with our kitchen. The mother in me dictates that I should prepare healthy meals for my family so that their immune system will be strong. So I had to try on different recipes from scratch. And I have to thank the internet again for the tutorials and demos which guided me to cook healthy and delicious dishes for my family. And of course, we could not let the desserts be left out! I was also able to stir up my baking skills. But since I was like a newbie in baking again, I have had challenges in converting volumes and measurements. Thankfully, has a tool that really helped me with the measurement of ingredients. In case you’d be needing it as well, you can find it here:

The pandemic also made most people be health conscious. Their main goal is to live a healthy lifestyle, eat well, and exercise to boost their immune system. That is why they became more aware of their food intake and the calorie they lost during workouts. In this case, a weight loss calculator would do the job.

Currently, the pandemic situation is getting better. And thankfully, more establishments were opening. But as we hope for a safer new normal environment, let us not put our guards down. Still, let us practice health protocols and be safe. Wear a mask, keep a safe distance and avoid crowded places. Make yourself healthy, take vitamins, and always keep a happy disposition in life.

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