Little Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Finances in a BIG Way

Recent times caused so much damage to most, if not everyone’s, finances. Some people got fewer hours of work making them receive, of course, a lesser amount of pay. Many businesses – big and small alike- were forced to shut down due to losses brought about by the pandemic. And because of it, a lot of people eventually lost their jobs, making it more difficult for them to cope financially. Bills piled up, debts were left unpaid and everyday expenses become an instant big problem.

However, this situation should not be a reason for you to despair. Instead, make it an inspiration and take it as an opportunity to discover your potential and rise above this adversity. Let me share with you easy and simple steps which you can readily try to improve your finances during this pandemic:

1. Discover your skills and earn from it.

During the earlier days of the pandemic when the country was put in lockdown, many had discovered different skills which they never thought they were good of. For example, cooking and baking. Because people had no choice but to stay at home all the time, it has been a pastime for them to cook different dishes. This, later on, became a source of their income. Baking also boomed during that time. Just like them, you can also try to discover things that you are good at and think of ways on how it can help you make a living.

TIP: You can save a lot when you prepare or cook your own food instead of buying already cooked meals.2

2. Make saving a fun activity at home or at the office.

Admittedly, saving money is one of the hardest things to do when you are on your own. So why not make it a group activity? This way, you will make it more encouraging and fun. One idea on how to do this is to prepare small tin cans or containers that will serve as your individual piggy bank. Make this a Savings Challenge for everyone and set uniform amounts to save weekly until the end of your agreed period. Do this religiously and you will be amazed that you have saved a lot at the end of the activity. The internet has a lot of resources if you want to learn more about this challenge.

3. Use cash for your purchase.

Using cash in buying things allows you to save a lot because it limits your spendings on the amount you just have at hand. You do not overspend and you tend to prioritize needs over wants. You can also avoid unnecessary debts. And speaking of debts, having a lot of them causes too much stress. If you are currently struggling with it, you can consider debt consolidation. You see more about it here.

4. Conserve resources.

Cutting off a part of your monthly bills contributes to your savings in a big way. Conserve energy and water. We hear this a lot since we were kids but we just realize the impact of it just now that we are the ones paying the bills. Turning off the light when it’s not in use, planning your errands when you go out, using washable cloth instead of pull-out napkins – these are just simple ways but it also allows you to save a lot on your expenses.

Making small changes in your lifestyle creates a big impact on your financial health. It may not be as easy at the start but you can always try harder to make it a success. If you want to know more about sound and doable financial advice, click here.

I hope these simple ways help you in any way in improving your finances.

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