I am a kid of the 90s. Having it said, I was privileged to enjoy the games that my cousins play from Nintendo’s Game & Watch and Game Boy up to the era of game consoles to the likes of Atari, Family Computer, and PlayStation Portable. 

I fondly remember I would spend mornings with friends playing Donkey Kong using my cousin’s Game & Watch. My friends and I would hurdle in a corner, taking turns with that precious handheld gadget. But I wasn’t very good at it as I recall. It was always GAME OVER for me then.  

Then came Tetris. It is a classic tile-matching video game that everyone liked. We also play it in a handheld gadget but I can’t recall anymore who was the maker of it. I suppose it was just a dupe of the original console but nonetheless, I must say that I was very good at it! And I could probably win a match if there’s an official competition for it then.  

With Game Boy, I only played Super Mario because that was the only game my cousin had back then. I would always ask him to bring his Game Boy to our grandmother’s house so I could play with it, trying my very best to kill the turtles, collect all coins and rescue the princess.   

I also had an Atari when I was about seven years old but I barely can remember the title of the games we played. Family Computer was the in thing when I was in grade school while PSP was famous during my high school days. Eventually, GSM mobile phones were released and the very famous Snake was born. Snake is a mobile game that you can only play on Nokia mobile phones. Personal computers also have pre-installed games like Solitaire, Pinball, and Minesweeper. My favorite is Solitaire. I would play it repeatedly until I finally pile all four decks. Sometimes, I make a wish and bet on Solitaire. I then believed that winning the game means my wish would also come true. Silly as it seems but that made the game more thrilling.

Fast forward to the present, anyone can now easily download a game or an application through his or her gadget. However, not all games are free. And if ever a game is free, it usually has ads on it. These ads can sometimes get annoying and put your momentum down during playtime. So, to avoid these hassles, I searched the internet for the best site that offers free games WITHOUT ADS and found I was very happy to discover this playing site because it offers different games and their collection is fit for all ages. From educational games for your kids to puzzles and simulation games for the brainies, has it all. And of course, classic games for 90s kids like me is also there that’s why I like it so much.

Whatever your age is, I believe that playing games, may it be physical or digital, will always have a soft spot in your heart. Try also to visit and you may find a perfect game that will suit your personality and it might also bring you back to memory lane.

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