Free Social Media Platforms for Influencers

Blogging has been popular since the early years of 2000. I, myself started writing in 2015. I planned to write about beauty and lifestyle in the beginning but I eventually wrote about family, parenting, and lifestyle in the end.

Through the years, blogging has evolved. And as time passes by, bloggers also became influencers. And more and more people of all ages became influencers in the process. How do you then differentiate a blogger from an influencer? A simple differentiation could be bloggers aim to invite their followers and fans to read their content posted on their websites while influencers use social media to post their content. Social media has been a ready platform to promote contents easily. Not to mention it is the simplest way to reach and gain followers for free hence most people became apt in using this platform. Unlike websites that could cost so much to sustain and requires some technical knowledge to maintain. And as the pandemic hit the world in the early part of 2020, where most people were stuck at home with just the internet to entertain them, social media became the strongest platform to gain reach and engagement.

As to my experience, these are the top social media platform that influencers utilize:

Facebook (FB)

One of the easiest, ready and free platforms that influencers use. An influencer can create a personal account or a page to share a photo or video content. It has a wide reach to both people they do know and do not know. They can also share their thoughts and opinions through their posts. Recently, Facebook users can also post their My Day stories.

Instagram (IG)

A free online photo-sharing platform that allows users or influencers to upload a photo or short videos. Influencers can also post longer videos through IG TV. A recent tool that is popular with influencers is the IG Reels. It showcases video skills and creativity among IG users. Instagram has been widely used by micro-influencers to promote and connect brands to their followers.

YouTube (YT)

It is a free site that allows influencers to share video content online. It is also a platform that allows users to earn money when a user reached the required number of followers and the required number of watch hours. One example of a blogger turned YouTube Influencer is Josi Maia. You can read her story here.


Another free social media site that influencers use to share their thoughts. This platform’s primary purpose is to connect people through messages called “tweets”. Most celebrities use this platform.


Recently, the most popular social media application used by influencers is TikTok. Most of its users are young people. TikTok allows its users to create and share 15-second videos. It has become so widely used among teenagers because they can create videos by shooting with just their mobile phones.To know about other platforms used by influencers like the Clubhouse, you can read through this site .

The world wide web offers a lot of free platforms to showcase an influencer’s content, thoughts, and opinion. They can just choose the one that suits their needs, the best to reach their followers, and the most effective media to keep their fans and readers engaged with their content.

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