Make Taking of Vitamins a Bonding Time for Mommy and Kids

Hey, Merries! Have you ever thought that taking vitamins can also be a fun activity for moms and kids? Yes, you read it right! I and my daughter have been doing this for a month now. And I tell you, it is really fun!

Last month, we got a bag of Nutri10 vitamins from our favorite Werts. But not only that, the bag includes boxes of Dayzinc for both adults and kids. Great! First thing I thought of was to put a challenge to my daughter to take the tabs everyday. However, since I know that she won’t easily buy on this because vitamin tabs are just not her favorite, a better idea came up. I asked her to take vits with me everyday. This way, she will be encouraged to religiously take it. Also, I am thinking that by doing this we will both complete consuming a box and never miss a day. So we called our tandem “Vitamin-Taking Buddies” to make it more sound fun. And instantly, we’re both into it!

Everyday, we take our Dayzinc together. Mine is the Sodium Ascorbate+Zinc capsule for adults. Hers is the Sodium Ascorbate+Ascorbic Acid+Zinc chewable tablets for kids. And we really enjoyed it. Even I had fun, honestly. Ito lang pala ang sikreto. We didn’t realize that we just finished a box! Thanks to Werts Philippines, Inc. for coming up with these Vitamin C+Zinc for adults and kids. Now, taking in of vitamins (or any other capsules) will never be a burden for my mapiling daughter anymore.

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