Labeling, Sometimes, Is Not A Bad Thing

I am a confessed craft buff. Being one, I love buying (usually hoarding hehe…) cutesie things like stickers, colorful tapes & pens, stationeries, notebooks and planners! But one thing I really like to have one for myself is a label maker. Back when I was a kid, my uncle would give me and my cousins pre-labeled stickers to put on our books in school. I was so proud of my stickers then because mine was embossed with different colors compared to my classmates’ plain printed ones. I guess that started my love for labels – the stickers, I mean.

I learned about Motex label maker during one of our visits to the Noel Bazaar. This handy label maker is way cheaper compared to the ever known Dymo brand. And my, this Motex brand is very cute and fun! It comes with different bright colors that fit every girl’s personality. Just a kwento, I was not able to get one for myself the first time I saw this label maker in store because the store only have few stocks and all were already reserved. Sad. But since then, I searched for sellers of Motex over the internet and asked friends to buy me one abroad. I don’t know happened but my efforts went to nothing then. Not meant to have one yet, I guess. Until last December, another visit to Noel Bazaar made the crafter in me happy. I finally got my very own Motex label maker — in pink!

Motex E101 – Php400.00; extra tape – Php70.00

This set includes two label discs – one disc for uppercase  letters and the other for lowercase. It also has a free tape so you can start the labeling fun right away.

The Motex label maker is very handy and easy to use. Even our Little Donya can use it swiftly. Here are some labels the she made:

Some crafter says that Motex tapes does not stick too much but as to my experience, it stays put even after a few months. My labels are still intact and it was three months ago already. Maybe the material of where it was put on really matter.

So there you go! You’ve met my new pet. Soon, you’ll see more of my projects. I started crafting again and I’m into headbands and clips at the moment. Just making some kikay stuff for the Little Donya.

Here’s a sneak peek of my latest works:

I’ll write about those pretties soon.

Happy labeling, merries!

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