Noel Bazaar 2016 Fab Finds and Hauls

I started to let go of my fascination of bazaars several years ago. Why? Because I thought that items sold in bazaars were just overrated and were priced double even triple of its original price from Divisioria or Baclaran. Well, not until I visited Noel Bazaar. This bazaar offers interesting and quality items that are surprisingly, reasonably prized. I am actually happy that I also found stuff that I fancy to buy online. Here are my hauls this year:


Headdress for the Little Donya – Php150.00



Motex Label Maker – Php400.00 & a roll of lanel tape – Php70.00



Ceramic Knife Set – Php1,500.00



Organic Soap – Php145.00/bar


Bag Handle Lace - Php100.00/pair

Bag Handle Lace – Php100.00/pair


Liquid chalk / Mirror pens - Php100.00/piece

Liquid chalk / Mirror pens – Php100.00/piece



Seal & Pour Bag Clips – Php150.00



Foldable Tumbler



Freebies from Petron

If you haven’t been to Noel Bazaar yet, you have until 10PM today to visit their cool stores. I was not able to take so much of photos because I was very busy looking around. They have other stuff like pretty dresses, bags, gift items, techie items, calligraphy/arts/crafting materials and a whole lot more! And of course, a number of food offerings plus some free taste for the foodies. And my daughter’s favorite, appearance of GMA artists. My, she’s so fond of artistas! 🙂

Lira from the fantaserye Encatadia

Lira from the fantaserye Encantadia

I really enjoyed wandering around Noel Bazaar. It’s a different experience every year. I hope to bump in you there next year.


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