Ascof For Kids, New Found Remedy for Cough

Ascof Syrup for Kids 120 ml - Php140.00

Ascof Syrup for Kids 120 ml – Php140.00

My daughter has always been a picky-eater. When I say picky, this does not only apply to her choices of food but extends to everything that will pass her tastebuds. And this includes drinks and medicines. That is why, I never fail to pray for her health (well, moms always do, I know) because having her drink or take some meds is really one challenging task. Think of the many tricks that a parent have done to make their children take a little of a paracetamol, a teaspoon of a salbutamol and worst, a 1-week-3-times-a-day caramel flavored anti-biotics — name it and we have surely done it! Challenging is actually an understatement.

Last week, our Little Donya came home from school coughing her heart out. She was still active so I thought she’ll be just fine. Later that day, she was a bit quiet (that’s unusual of her) and she really looked sick. Lo, she’s already got fever plus an instant worried mom!

At home, we always keep in fridge a bottle of Tempra. The Little Donya has been familiar with its taste and have overcome taking it over time. But my problem is her coughing. We’ve been given a few brands by her pedia but none of those became “friends” with her tongue. I was so hopeless already that I expected it will be another medication struggle with my girl. Until I remember those commercials of cough syrup for kids with natural ingredients. I immediately visited the nearest Mercury Drugstore to choose the best brand and flavor my picky Little Donya.


At the drugstore, I was greeted by an overwhelming number brands of cough syrup for kids but I chose the one which I believe will suit my kid’s pallete. I got Ascof Syrup for kids in Strawberry flavor. To be honest, I do not have any idea yet of how Ascof syrup tastes and what it looks like. I just trusted my mommy instinct so I bought a bottle of it.


When we got home, I excitedly asked Nicki to take the Ascof to relieve her from her coughing. I saw her hiding behind our dining chair and said she’s nervous. I know how she feels so I just hugged her and told her that the syrup tastes good because its strawberry flavored. Good thing she got assured. Funny thing though, when I opened the bottle of Ascof, I was surprised that its color is gray! OMG! It wasn’t pleasant even into my eyes. But the Little Donya told me that she’ll just smell it first. I was expecting the worst but I was relieved when she smiled and said it smells good. Thankfully, she wasn’t easily discouraged by its appearance and I was more thankful because she liked its taste as well. She said it tasted like her favorite candy. Thank God!


I am glad we found Ascof Syrup for kids. It’s our new go-to remedy for cough for our Little Donya.


Do you have other remedies for cough? Share to us your experiences, mommies.

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