My New Baby is Born!

Yes, you read it right! I really got a new baby! Well, not that I gave birth to a child again but it’s my new blogsite I am talking about! Wooot-wooot!!!

Just in time with my 36th birthday (yes, I am that old now), I am relaunching I have switched from Blogger to a now more responsive (and more complicated I think) blog host, WordPress.

I know I have been silent for quite a time but I am happy to announce that Merry Mommy May is SO BACK now! And with this comeback, I am also launching a series of giveaways for all my loyal readers. Details of the giveaways are already on its way and it will be posted very, very soon! Please stay tuned because I will be posting it here and in my social media accounts – FB, IG and Twitter.

With that, I ask you my Dearies and Merries to join me again as I continue to document my journey as a mommy, a wifey and a lady.

Cheers to new beginnings!

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