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DSC_0037Hello there, Merry Moms (and Dear Dads)! 
My name is May and I am the Merry Mommy of this blog. I am a mom of one and a wife to only one, of course! I am an engineer who preferred to be a banker by profession. I love arts and crafts and I used to teach Kindergarten in church that is why I love singing and dancing with kids. Well, just with kids. I can survive a life without a television but I cannot live without anything to read. Blogging is my new found love. Here, I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences about marriage, parenting and life as whole. I will be giving a piece of my mind, my raves and rants on anything and everything under the sun. And as a strong believer that women can still be fab and beautiful even beyond age and status, I will also be talking about makeups and other beauty products in this blog. And oh, as I am into numbers and figures most of my life, you will encounter a lot of grammatical hits and misses in my blog. Just bear with me, please? <insert smiley here>
You can read a lot of my stories here but it will be more great if I can hear yours as well. So let’s connect our pretty minds and have some sharing of our lovely thoughts!
For comments, suggestions, invites or collaborations, you can email me at [email protected]
Thanks for dropping by!

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