Celebrating Merry Mommy May’s Birthday 2018

So it’s the age acceleration day again! But honestly, I really don’t mind the numbers I got on my age. I am 38 this year and it’s perfectly fine. All I can say is that I am thankful for the 38 blessed years I have – for all the good experiences that made me happy and for the bad ones that allowed me to take life into a more mature level.

Hep! Let’s cut-off the drama and just let me share with you how my birthday went this year.

05.02.2018. I woke up with Dear Daddy Dex’s birthday greetings. The Little Donya’s still asleep (because it’s still early at 5:30 a.m.) but she’d already gave me a happy birthday in advance greeting the night before. She had greeted me “Happy almost birthday, Mommy!” before she went up for bed and gave me the sweetest hugs and kisses on earth!

And then, a quiet time to thank God for another year in my life.

Lunch. I did not take a birthday leave so I went ahead and prepared for office. My colleagues threw a lunch a treat and bought me my favorite cake. *kilig* then a special guest came to the office to make my day a little more special.

Thank God the day went just fine. Ok, there was a little problem at work but it didn’t affect the happiness I have on that day. I have another celebration to attend to so I still need to be in the best mood. Just kidding.

Dinner. So it’s my turn to treat the family this time. I was craving for some food but my sister is expecting so I let her choose the place to dine-in. We ended up in Ningnangan’s – one of the family’s go-to grill restaurant in our place. We had some salmon, crispy pata, grilled pork belly and the highlight of the night – grilled liver and chicken gizzard! What a perfect occasion to finally eat these street food! And of course, another birthday cake for me!

Free meals and cakes are lovely to have during celebrations but what I really treasure the most are those people who take time and exert effort to prepare those treats.

Thank you everyone for making my birthday more special.

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