RB CTY (Rib City): Our First in Maginhawa Street: Reviews and Raves

Dear Daddy Dex and I were both meaning to visit Maginahawa Street in Quezon City. Since the place’s launch few years back, we have not had a chance to step our feet on that famous food strip. So last month, we decided to celebrate Father’s Day there to finally have a taste of the Maginhawa Street food experience.  We also thought that going there that day would be the best to do because we were pretty sure that restaurants inside the malls would be crowded by families who were also celebrating like us. Since we do not know yet where to eat, we did some research (like a week early ha ha ha) and my readings led me to one newly-opened resto that is called RB CTY. We thought this resto would be perfect because the two of us really love eating ribs abd steaks. So off there we go! After going to church and after our scheduled annual flu vaccine (story to be shared in another post), it was finally time to fill our starving tummies.  It was around 1:20 p.m. when we arrived at Maginhawa.  Funny that even with our growling intestines, we still managed to “stroll” along the street to check the food strip that Maginhawa has to offer. On first attempt, we did not see RB CTY right away. On second attempt (of seriously finding RB CTY), we already noted its address and slowly and surely checked each establishment’s number.  Truly, newcomers like us will really have a hard time spotting Rib City because it was not located along the road.  Instead, it was tucked behind a commercial bank with just a not-so-eye-catching streamer of the resto’s logo on its side.

Hello! from R|B CTY
Resto’s facade

Most of the food they offer are good for sharing. For our group of 6 persons, we ordered Hail Caesar Salad, K-Pop Wings, Twin Towers and Big City with rice as the side dish.  We thought that their serving will not be enough to fill our starving tummies but when our food arrived, we realized that we ordered a little too much.

Hail Caesar Salad Php148.00
K-Pop Wings Php188.00
Twin Towers Php368.00
Big City Php718.00
RB CiTea Blend Pitcher Php98.00
And this is their delicious Father’s Day treat: Chewy Cookie A La Mode. Saved us extra bucks from buying desserts. Yey!!!

Waiting for your food to be served is not at all boring in this resto.  Why? 1.  A set of LEGO will be left at your table after the waiter got your order.  For the young and young-at-heart guests, playing with these toys will definitely make waiting enjoyable and unnoticeable; and 2.  A widescreen TV that plays movies and music videos was strategically placed in the resto’s wall to entertain guests while they wait.

Rib City flaunts a minimalist interior but its surroundings were made interesting by hanging a collection of photos of people who have already visited the place and painting beautiful murals around the store.

And after all was done and our grumpy tummies gone, our bill was delivered and our payment was collected by a cute little truckie. What an added fun to our RB CTY experience!

The delivery/pick-up truck.

Final Verdict

Food. Absolutely, the food in RB CTY are one of the best.  Their ribs are fall-off-the bone tender and flavorful.  The chicken is crispy outside yet still soft and juicy inside. It blends perfectly with its pair barbecue sauce.

Ambience. Perfect for family and group dining.  I love that the place’s feel is high-end yet homey at the same time. Also recommended for eat-dates. Just note that the place is not very big so it can get a little noisy (but not loud and rowdy) when all tables get occupied.

Value for Money.  Outstanding. Price range per person is a pocket-friendly Php150.00-Php300.00. The taste of food is much greater than the amount you pay. In short, sulit!

Other Points to Consider
  • Parking: None
  • Restroom: Separate for male and female; clean and neat
  • Customer Service: Attentive and pleasant
  • Store space: With two floors but with steep stairs going up
  • Wi-Fi: Free
  • Service Charge:  None
  • Senior Citizen Privilege: Yes
  • Good to Visit for:  Lunch, Dinner
  • Accepts reservations: Yes
  • Restaurant Hours:  Mondays – Sundays, 11:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
  • Who can eat here:  Everyone, Anyone, All types and kinds of people

Over-all verdict:  Highly recommended.  Great service. Will definitely come back.

And as a proof of our satisfaction, here’s sharing our happy family picture. (Just ignore my not-so-cutie band aid. That’s my vaccine shot.)

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RB CTY (Rib City)

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Monday – Thursday, Sunday 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Friday – Saturday 11:30 AM – 12:00 AM
*effective July 17, 2015
+63 9178714681 / 2380844
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  1. May Palacpac says:

    Ribs? Definitely my husband's kind of place. 🙂 It's great they have wifi though it doesn't work well for us sometimes. We end up fiddling with our phones when we go out.

  2. Reylen Castro says:

    Waahh..Been wanting to go to Maginhawa for months na.this place was featured several times in PopTalk. Will add this to my list. Thanks mommy May! Little donya seemed happy with the lego. 🙂

  3. nanaystrip says:

    I lived in that neighborhood during my college days. Back then, there were only a few food finds in the area. I'd love to visit Maginhawa one of these days. But if the "classic" homemade burritos that we love are still there, I'll definitely munch on these before I try the new restaurants. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ayi says:

    I love Maginhawa. Been frequenting the place ever since because of great food finds. I'll check this out since the food and ambiance looks divine 🙂

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